What is a Dehumidifier?  Basic Things You Must Know About a Dehumidifier

Many people are not too familiar with what a dehumidifier is because they do not have the chance to use it at all or worse, they do not even know what is the purpose of owning a dehumidifier.

A dehumidifier is a device used to remove excessive humidity in an environment to ensure high indoor air quality. Usually, the main reason of using a dehumidifier is related to health concerns.

Too much humidity in your home or office allows the increase of molds and mildew, which cause skin problems and otherallergies. Therefore, the best solution to this problem is to choose the best dehumidifier in the market.

In availing for the best dehumidifier, you must first select the right type of dehumidifier according to your needs related to the physical conditions of your home.If you are prone to allergies and having troubles sleeping because of too much humidity, the best option for you then is to buy the best dehumidifier.

Indoor Mold

One type that you can consider is the mechanical or the refrigerated type of dehumidifier which works in surroundings with damp air. The air inside the dehumidifier is drawn over a refrigerated coil with a small fan. Furthermore, the mechanical dehumidifier works in a way that it is expected. It is very much affordable humidity control device.

With regards to the other criteria in choosing the best dehumidifier consider the machine’s ability to absorb or collect water being drawn in the air.

Choice in the Best Dehumidifier Brand

Best Dehumidifier Brand

If your dehumidifier cannot hold the water that much, you will end up cleaning your floor frequently because the excess water will continuously drip. So, if you do not want to experience a hard time of cleaning your home, here is one of the of the best dehumidifier in the market.

The Dehumidifier Argos has a variety of models to choose from. One of which is the Challenge Midi Dehumidifier which has the following features such as tank full capacity indicator, removable filter and has a visible water tank level.

In buying the best dehumidifier, a buyer must consider the brand name. The more popular the brand, the more performance it can deliver. However, the best dehumidifier brands might be too pricey but you can be assured of its high quality and excellent health benefits.

Air Dehumidifier Solves All Your Humidity Control Problems

Air Dehumidifier Solves

Many people are unaware of the scientific fact that normal humidity level maintains or restores health and wellness. On the contrary, a high level of humidity endangers not only your surrounding but also your metabolism.

To address the problem, a device called air dehumidifier is needed to be installed in any enclosed location. An air dehumidifier is a household apparatus which is reduces the amount of humidity within the vicinity of your home.

The use of an air dehumidifier does not limit itself for home use. In most hospitals and health care facilities, air dehumidifiers are important because it tends to decrease the bacteria levels to a negligible value. Therefore, indoor air quality is increased and good health is promoted.

One of the most commonly used air dehumidifiers in hospitals are the so-called desiccant air dehumidifiers. This particular air dehumidifying device best controls humidity at low temperature. Unlike other conventional cooling systems, the moisture removal of a desiccant air dehumidifier is more effective.

The Setting Trends of Home Dehumidifiers

The Setting Trends of Home Dehumidifiers

It has been scientifically studied and proven that dehumidifiers are important gadgets with purpose of decreasing the moisture levels in your home.

The decrease in moisture levels will prevent harmful microorganisms to grow and spread rapidly in your house. Therefore, no other machine can ever do this, except home dehumidifiers. A home dehumidifier has undergone lots of testing and experimentation prior to its product launching.

As far as home humidifiers are concerned, its product classification mainly depends on the severity of the humidity problem in a given place. For an instance, in big and spacious homes, all you need to buy is a Whole House Dehumidifier System. This will provide ease of humidity control for the entire home.

This is a home dehumidifier that has the following excellent characteristics – reliability, ruggedness in performance, noise-free and to top it all, it is energy-efficient.

When installing this kind of dehumidifier for home use, it should be connected to the central cooling and heating systems of your household. Likewise, this home dehumidifier requires low-maintenance.

What Can The Pint Dehumidifier Do?

Humidity refers to the amount of water vapor in the air. Many people would assume that this scientific phenomenon is of lesser importance. However, one must realize that humidity control plays a key role in maintaining the health and wellness of your body because without the proper amount of humidity the body will not function well. Consequently, illnesses can emerge especially those that can affect the respiratory system. Thus, the process of dehumidification is essential in a home.

The normal level of humidity ranges from 30%-40% so to restore normal humidity levels, every home needs a dehumidifier. It is device that assists in removing excessive moisture of air around you. Thus, a pint dehumidifier can do the job for you.

In terms of a pint dehumidifier measurement, the 70 pint dehumidifier is the most common. On the contrary, a 50 pint dehumidifier can effectively eliminate moisture of a middle-sized room, with a distance as far as 3000 square feet. As far as selecting a 50 pint dehumidifier, look for the following product indicators: Energy Star Qualified logo, Electronic Control settings and the Low Temperature Operations among others.

Meanwhile, buyers of a 50 pint dehumidifier must bear in mind that these equipments can be used to eliminate moisture in an indoor setting. Specifically, pint dehumidifiers are meant to solve the moisture problems of a window pane, condensation concerns caused by a relatively high level of humidity.

Be Pollution Free, With Less Energy Consumption – An Air To Air Exchanger Knows Best

A heat exchanger is an instrument used to transfer heat from one medium to another. The medium and the heat exchanger are separated by a solid wall to avoid them from mixing. In these hard times, people are trying to find effective ways on how to cut down on their electric consumptions, especially in their heating and cooling, and dehumidification systems at home. Therefore, they use an air to air heat exchanger.

An air to air heat exchanger looks like a small cabinet that has a core with two fans and duct works. An air to air heat exchanger allows fresh air to enter your home from the outside and with an air filter, it can be able to provide purified air.

  • During a cold weather, this device preheats the incoming heat when it transfers the heat from a stagnant or stale air being passed to the outside.
  • On the contrary, when summer begins it pre-cools the incoming stream of fresh air.

If this is the process, is it really worth it to install an air to air heat exchanger?

Yes, an air to air heat exchanger really helps a lot because it effectively decreases the amount of electricity which flows from your HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) into the dehumidifier, which is responsible in dehumidifying the air to be transferred into your home. This tremendous decrease in your electric consumption is based on the degree or the amount of warm air you recycle.

Use Of Air To Air Heat Exchanger

Electric efficiency is the main reason why some big factories and establishments have small units of air to air exchangers. An example of an air to air heat exchanger is the HE 150 air to air heat exchanger. Among its excellent features are the following:

  • ​It prevents you from being exposed to harmful fumes and gases like an air purifier.
  • Helps your heating and cooling system to achieve maximum efficiency.

In buying an air to air heat exchanger you must take note of the size of the air to air heat exchanger that you need. Determine this by determining the number of your household member and the room size of your home.

Proper Humidity Control Essential for a Healthy Life


Ensuring that the humidity level in your home is constantly controlled by a dehumidifier results to an improved body metabolism and a healthy you.

To make a person comfortable in his home providing air with the right amount of humidity makes it perfect. Scientific experts have found out that the normal humidity range in your home should be between 30% to 60%. Within this humidity level, it helps you in minimizing all the unwanted conditions in your home environment.

If a person does not know anything about humidity control, the ill-effects of it maybe shown by one of the following symptoms such as sore throat, dry or itchy skin, and nose bleeding.

However, if there is too much humidity, your skin becomes sweaty or sticky. In the case of your house, inadequate humidity control within the area can cause termites and cockroaches to invade your home. To solve this problem, there are companies that can handle the issue of controlling humidity where you can purchase a humidifier.

The Parameters Generation and Control (PGC) can help you to address the problem of humidity control. PGC has humidity control chambers, which effectively provides precise relative humidity and temperature control with walk-in rooms, relative humidity generators to cater business establishments and other structures.

PGC Humidity Control

Humidity Control

PGC’s line of home dehumidifiers include stability chambers and rooms particularly for pharmaceutical businesses that have exceeded the ICH guidelines in terms of controlling humidity. Others have to deal with stress testing products, called an environmental chamber.

In purchasing a humidity control unit, you should buy a dehumidifier according to your budget and purpose because these humidity control units are designed for your own safety, convenience and most of all for your health and wellness.

A Brief Look on the Hygrometer


Hygrometer, an instrument used to measure the moisture rate of dehumidification in the air. In the history of the development of hygrometers, a Swiss physicist and geologist by the name of Horace Benedict de Saussure invented the first-ever hygrometer using a human hair.

There are some hygrometers that measure the change in electrical resistance using a piece of Lithium Chloride, and other semiconductor instruments that affect relative humidity.

Inside your home, you must have a hygrometer that is user-friendly. How will you know if your hygrometer is easy to use or not?

  • First: Your hygrometer must be easy to read. The accurate humidity in house environment should be reflected on its display. Some hygrometers are called electronic hygrometers. These are made with LCD for your reading convenience. The cost of this electronic hygrometers range from $15 to $60.
  • Second: Your chosen hygrometer must perfectly provide users accurate humidity readings for optimal humidity control. The term for this is accurate calibration because all hygrometers must be properly calibrated. Unfortunately, some hygrometers in the market today lack this salient hygrometer characteristic which are called Drift.
  • Drift means that a hygrometer cannot sustain its accuracy over the years. Because of this, you must re-calibrate your device at least once a year. This must be especially applied to the mechanical types of hygrometers.
  • On the other hand: Humidity in house refers to the amount of water vapor released in the air within your house which can affect indoor air quality. Humidity in house varies on a daily basis year after year. During winter months, moisture due to your daily activities leads to high levels of humidity. To control relative humidity in your house, turn down your humidstat or use a warm mist humidifier.

How To Purchase A Hygrometer?

Hygrometers come in different styles to suit your needs. A hygrometer can be a digital or analog type, and for home use or industrial purposes. In availing one, you should look at the scale of the hygrometer. If you are reading scales in Celsius, buy one with a Celsius scale otherwise, buy one with a Fahrenheit scale.

Next, check the graduation measurements on the hygrometer. Be sure that it has large numbers for convenient measurement readings.

Third, it must be easy to use that it doesn’t require any technical expertise to operate. Furthermore, it must have a warranty so that you can have a peace of mind in case it immediately breaks down.

The invention of a hygrometer really helps however, users must have an adequate understanding of the hygrometer especially on how to care of it properly to make it last for a lifetime.

Dehumidifiers for Basements: Innovative and Powerful Humidity Controller

Dehumidifiers for Basements

Home dehumidifiers are the by products of technology. It decreases the humidity level in houses, hospitals and business establishments that have high humidity environment. In addition to this, a dehumidifier can also be utilized in your basements.

Dehumidifiers for basements are so important because moisture also develops in the basement of your house. Basements are the places that molds and germs multiply and cultivate.

How do dehumidifiers for basements work?

It condenses the air to a cold place that is effective in eradicating moisture. The cooler air it gives off, the lesser the moisture. Furthermore, basement dehumidifiers with low temperatures are ideal for those individuals reside in cold countries because a dehumidifier for basement draws more moisture in these places.

The Delonghi DD5OP 50 pint dehumidifier for basement is the perfect answer to your excessive basement moisture worries. This model of a basement dehumidifier has an internal condensate pump for excellent performance and efficiency.

In buying dehumidifiers for basements, always be sure that you have a background of the product you are buying. So, read objective product reviews if necessary.Also, seek the advices of experts regarding dehumidifiers for basements to make sure that you are choosing the right kind of dehumidifiers for basements without sacrificing your budget and the safety of your loved ones.

Tips When Buying Portable Dehumidifiers

If there are portable dehumidifiers, there is also what are called mini dehumidifiers. Mini dehumidifiers are usually equipped with a noise reduction capability. Some of its famous models have the so-called thermo-electric technology. This will enable the user to experience an air dehumidifier that will not vibrate at all while giving you a moisture free environment.

To purchase the best portable dehumidifier, here are some useful tips:

  • Read product reviews to know the latest designs, styles, and features about portable dehumidifier.
  • You must ask qualified and competent persons about the product.
  • Check acceptable price range so that you can create a budget based from the current market price.

To conclude, it does not really matter if you are planning to buy a dehumidifier or the mini version. What must count a lot is the performance it can deliver for your family?

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